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Mar 17, 2013 11:00pm EDT
it at the time when my dad changed what he was interested in, you know, a few months later, i would change. i was going to go to west point where my dad went. you know, i could not see you with a west point education, it has opened up a is much more of a liberal arts education now. then it was engineering and military tactics. i had no interest in that at all and i did not want a military career. >> when did you first read "witness"? >> so many years ago. i cannot remember when, probably when i was in college and after that cold friday, and i read "witness", i think three times family has not to read it. with communism having waned, it will be harder for them to do it. >> so what is the big deal? >> he was a great writer, a beautiful writer, but he was a soviet spy, who ultimately rejected communism, embraced christianity, and felt the struggle in the world was not just between the soviet union and the united states, it was between communism and christianity. but of course he famously said he thought he was joining the losing side not the winning side, and then, of cou
Mar 11, 2013 6:00am EDT
change. but that doesn't mean that suddenly you're mother theresa, that you're saintly, that, you know, you can answer anything in the world by virtue of this wisdom that falls upon you with the peace price, that's absurd. >> who picks it? >> it's a committee of five in norway. i think their term in office or whatever is about five years and they can serve on the committee two terms in a row. those phi people plus the secretary of the nobel committee there. there are nominations made every year, at the beginning of the year, they have to be in by february 1. then the committee meets, i think five times in the year rm i learned these things after i met the committee, of course. and i liked the ones that, you know, i met. then they meet about five times a year. and the first meeting is to just discard all the ridiculous nominations. some truly are absurd. then they start to narrow it down to nominations that they think have some merit and they hand them out to researchers. >> who nominated you? >> lots of people. we found out after the fact, one person i do know who nominated me and the
Mar 24, 2013 11:00pm EDT
feel it was worth talking about, but then something happens. i changed my scientific direction because i felt i had missed out on the excitement of recombinant dna was coming along.there were principles that sounded interesting. , sent a real career plan i decided to go to medical school. >> where did you go? >> university of north carolina. >> prior to that, you got a ph.d. at yale, and prior to that? >> undergraduate at the university of virginia. i had been married and had a daughter. this was a lot of things to packed into a few years, and then i had to go to medical school, but i landed in chapel hill, and i embraced that science immediately as what i had been looking for. and the part of medicine that particularly appealed to me, maybe because of my attraction to mathematics, was dna, the genetics that underlie human biology, so i became attracted to that even as a first-year >> back in 2006, use oak at politics and prose -- you spoke at politics and prose. you spoke about a book you had written. let's listen in on what you had to say. video clip]>> i believe that god cre
Mar 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
major work, "cannery row," in high school. but they say are springsteen's life was changed when he read "grapes of wrath." it gave him a social conscience and he wanted to do work on the working man. it had no effect on me. i was a goldwater boy. hillary clinton was a goldwater girl in chicago. almost the same age as i am. it set me off in a whole different direction than bruce springsteen. >> the book, "travels with charley," when did the trip happen for him? >> on september 23, 1960, after a great deal of preparation, he left his summer home in sag harbor, new york, on long island. the european end of long island. he and charlie set off in his camper van, a pickup truck with a camper almost like a sailboat cabin or a boat cabin on top, set into the bed of the pickup truck. >> we will show it in a minute. >> he took off on september 23 and headed north the message uses and visited his kid at school near deerfield. then he made his way up to the top of maine. for some strange reason he thought he had to touch the top of maine first. he found out how big maine is. he worked his way
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)